Jute, how strong is it?

Very! Jute is a strong natural fiber that is valued for its durability and strength. We use it for details of our bags. There are several reasons why jute is considered a strong fiber, check it out:

  1. Fibre structure: Jute fibers have a unique structure that gives them their strength. They are long, soft, and shiny, with a high tensile strength, which means they can resist pulling forces.

  2. Resistant to moisture: Jute is also naturally resistant to moisture, which means it can withstand exposure to water and humidity without losing its strength or breaking down.

  3. High cellulose content: Jute has a high cellulose content, which is the primary component of plant cell walls. This gives jute its inherent strength and makes it resistant to damage from pests, microbes, and other environmental factors.

  4. Toughness: Jute fibers are tough, meaning they can resist wear and tear over time. This makes jute an ideal choice for products that need to withstand heavy use, such as bags, carpets, and rugs.

Overall, jute is a strong and durable natural fiber that has many advantages over synthetic materials. It is sustainable, biodegradable, and can withstand a range of environmental conditions, making it a great choice for a variety of applications in our bags.

- Team LaLu

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