How long before I receive my package?

We use DHL and DPD, their shipping is climate neutral! Generally, deliveries within the Benelux will be made within 2-3 working days (except for the Dutch Wadden islands: Vlieland and Terschelling, which may take longer). In the Netherlands, we also deliver on Saturdays. Deliveries outside Benelux, but in the EU or UK will be made within 5 - 10 days.

Are the bags water resistant?

That's different for each bag. You can check the description to see if a product is tagged water-resistant. When this tag is shown, it means we have taken extra steps to increase the level of its water resistance. In almost all our backpacks your goods will stay dry, even if it rains heavily. Even though they are almost completely made of plant-based fibers, we add an extra inside layer of treated cotton that serves as a water-resistance layer. This layer also makes the bag more durable and gives it a solid feel. The outer layers will absorb and push off most of the water, so it can be exposed to rain without concern for your belongings inside. To get the exact information about the bag you're interested in, feel free to contact us.

Are the products plastic-free?

At LaLu, we are committed to reducing our use of synthetic materials to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly product line. While we strive to make many of our collections completely plastic-free, there are instances where we still use some foam in certain bags, such as the straps or backside of larger backpacks, to ensure optimal comfort.

Our decision to use foam in these cases is rooted in the current availability of alternative materials. However, rest assured that we are continually working towards our goal of becoming a fully plastic-free brand. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our skilled artisans in Nepal to gradually reduce the use of synthetic materials in our products, one step at a time.

If you are specifically seeking a plastic-free product, we recommend checking the product description for a comprehensive list of qualities to ensure it aligns with your preferences. Always feel free to contact us.

How do I return my order?

It may happen that you change your mind about your purchase after receiving the product. Whatever the reason is, you can always send your product back to us. Make sure you notify us of your return within 14 days of receiving the product by emailing support@laluproducts.com. We will then provide you with a barcode which you can use to drop off your package at the nearest DHL point. 

As soon as we have received your return shipment, we will refund the full amount, incl. shipping costs*. We recommend using the same package when returning to save the use of additional material. 

Would you rather exchange the product? No problem. Just mention this in your email. 

*Please note that the above conditions only apply to products that are returned in good order; undamaged and unused. 

We want to guarantee the quality of our products. If a manufacturing defect occurs within three months (90 days after purchase), we will take care of it. Contact us and after consolation, we will send you a new product.