Sustainable Christmas packages? Yes please!

If you are looking for a sustainable Christmas package to gift to your employees then you've come to the right place. At LaLu we love to provide you with fair and green options for gifts. Besides our Gift Cards, any of our products can be ordered as Christmas Packages. For example our toiletry bags, side bags and backpacks. Our makeup bags are also a favorite, since they can be used as pencil case too. If you want to know more or have any questions, please send an email to or fill in the contact form at our website. Not convinced that your need a sustainable Christmas package? Keep reading..

To demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, to reduce their environmental impact and to appeal to employees who prioritize sustainability, it's important to choose a Christmas package that is eco-friendly and sustainable. As a company, you have to practise what you preach. 

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility: Many companies have a sense of social responsibility and aim to minimize their impact on the environment. By giving sustainable Christmas packages, you demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability.

  2. Brand Image: A company's image can be improved by demonstrating its environmental commitment. By offering sustainable Christmas packages, you can improve its image and appeal to consumers who value sustainability.

  3. Employee Engagement: Providing sustainable Christmas packages can help engage your employees and build a sense of community around the company's values.

Overall, giving sustainable Christmas packages can be a way for you to align your business practices with your environmental values while also engaging customers and employees.

We hope to welcome you in our webshop soon! 

-Team LaLu

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