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Rhitu Saugat

KIDS Dhonu Backpack | Hemp and Cotton

KIDS Dhonu Backpack | Hemp and Cotton

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• Vegan

• Organic hemp and cotton 

• Fair trade

• Handmade

• Unisex

• Plastic-free

• Water resistant

• Size: 10 x 23 x 28 cm

It's here! Our sustainable kids' collection - your ally in eco-friendly fashion, even for the littlest trendsetters.

Dhonu Backpack is a fun, sturdy companion with playful design that can adapt to kids aged 3 to 11 with adjustable straps. It's loaded with extra pockets, and both can be sealed tight with high-quality zippers.

Durable for daily adventures and, best of all, Dhonu is completely plastic-free! Crafted lovingly by hand, using organic hemp and cotton, it's our way of spreading eco-consciousness to the little ones - for a brighter future. 

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